New normal

Back once again… Have we not had anything interesting to write or say… well that is not the case here for sure. Sometimes you get caught up in life.. sometimes it isn’t about getting caught up.. sometimes it just is..  everyones routine has been disrupted and no one likes it for sure. Maybe just maybe we now know how someone like Zeq feels everyday when … Continue reading New normal

Am I behind on blogs?! Absolutely. It’s not that nothing has happened. It’s not that we suddenly lost all the personalities. It’s not that meltdowns stopped and we have an easy going life. Nothing like that at all. We have had many many personalities come and go. Some more than others, some new and some older ones becoming less and less. We are in the … Continue reading

Break time

This is the season we dread every year. Not necessarily dread. Await its arrival maybe for better use of words?!?! All the holiday breaks, the winter time blues, the flare up of personalities, the meltdowns, the breakdowns, the new foods. You know all of it. The anticipation of Santas arrival is a big one in our house. The other day the elves brought a santa … Continue reading Break time