School, birthday, life

Where to begin in last month or so…

Well school is in effect.. Zeq goes to in person Tues and Thurs. M,W,F are virtual days. Friday is a little different he has all 8 classes each Friday instead of the normal 4. It has taken some adjusting for sure. Not sure what will happen after this 9 weeks which ends on Nov 2nd. If they will stay how they are or if it will transition to more days in class or not. So we shall see.

He has turned 16!! Hard to believe. For his birthday he really didn’t ask for much.  He had ask for a vacuum wireless keyboard and headset. We built him a custom desk/table.. that houses all his tvs, games, etc. As well as turned his closet into a stocked pantry.  He seemed to like it. On his actual bday we took him to all the “antique” shops.. aka goodwill, the ranch… and he proceeded to buy the most fake flowers ever. He also bought a watch and a game for his Xbox.  Overall I’d say he had a successful birthday.

Personalities have had their time recently.  We have had crying, yelling, throwing, you name it. We have had the toddler, and John, and Jeffrey. Nothing new there. We are entering the bad time of year. Every year between now and January things can go from. 0 to 7 million in a blink of an eye. Its been this way forever. So we are prepared.  Whether it is upcoming holidays that excite the toddler, the darkness of the season that brings out John, the stimulation from lights, people, and elves. It has always been that way and we will get through it.

Our food choices are the normal spaghetti, turkey meals, we eat captain crunch every morning. New things are vanilla creme cookies, ham lunchables, 1/2 gallons of chocolate milk(no more no less) and chicken nuggets…remember few months back when I gave him chicken?!?! Now he eats chicken nuggets.  He ask the other day about eating ramen… he hasn’t said anything more about it though.

Thats been our month or more. Still sailing on this unknown voyage thats called life, with viruses, masks, school, no school. We will get through it.

We will do as we always do and venture on our journey.

Onward and upward

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