Remotely…doing everything

Happy first day of Fall!

What have we been up to? Lots.. we have new season, new school, new routine, new foods, new beverages, new experiences…

Well we are schooling remotely… sounds fun, sounds great… well sounding someway, is completely different than being that way. Zeq has started his 10th grade remotely. We are hopeful to go back “blended” sooner than later. He would like to see his friend.

Remote schooling… you think ooooh probably much easier.. well you thought wrong. 3 kids needing to be logged in learning just as they would in school. Their teachers are there teaching. We are in the routine somewhat. But just like this virus that has caused this it is ever changing. So we are adapting as well as we can.

He has his normal classes and all his ieps are in place. He started film class, which I am super excited for… him not so much. But after watching the first movie Magnificent seven.. he has decided that it is ok class for now.

Our foods in past few weeks have changed.. we now eat captain crunch cereal for breakfast, pizza lunchables, and snack of choice is now buggles. First day of fall brings the return of coffee… lots of coffee he now likes. I’m sure sooner than later we will hit the hot chocolate phase. I actually saw it in the store the other day and thought to myself… soon enough soon enough..

The last few weeks with all of the changes. Personalities have flared up. School starting has brought back the favorite toddler..not that he has ever left, but he seemed to not appear as much. We have had grumpy John lately..a lot… with his ocd that takes over. We have had many tears, lots of yelling, mixed with some meltdowns.

Its nothing new for us. We pick ourselves up and do our best. I wish things and life were easier for Zeq. I wish he could see his friend, and not have to wear a mask. I wish health class was more fun for him. But we do the best we can with what we have. For now ill make pots of coffee and buy the movies he needs for his classes.

Next month is coming fast and he will be 16!! 16!!??!! Where has time went. He is debating on the perfect thing to ask for. He wants a vacuum cleaner pretty bad and wireless i think those are at the top of the list atleast for today.

Everyday is a new day, just like today is a new season.. enjoy the change, the newness of it, the crispness..

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward

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