Enter turkey and pepperoni

Just as it says..

We are back to frozen turkey meals… when I say it I mean it. Family size just turkey slices. He eats the entire thing by himself.

Then there’s pepperoni… we no longer eat ham… or biscuits…or saltines but now bowl of pepperoni and doritos for lunch.

I know reading this you probably think I am worse parent ever because that’s what I feed him. Maybe I am. But over last almost 16 years I have learned many things. Many things about him,  about autism, about multiple personalities… if he or they want to eat pepperoni.. you let them.

Because fighting with him about putting it on bread and make a sandwhich is pointless. Just makes sure he has enough to fill him up.

Getting his vegetables a day is hard. But it is hidden in spaghetti sauce which he has always requested to eat. Fruits and grains. He is on apple cinnamon bar kick. It may not be prefect but its as good as we can do.

Different shift in foods has brought the shift in personalities. We have had meltdowns, over honestly i have no idea. A bug came into his room from his cat.. he killed the big but doesnt know where it is..(his words) caused a meltdown.. and I dont know that there was even a bug. Because Zeq puts gloves on, wraps it in a tissue, and puts outside if he kills a bug.

Sleep walking and talking is occurring. All these things aren’t new. But just haven’t been around for a minute. So it is readjusting to them really. One day he will ask for coffee.. the next day I make some to have ready and he looks at me like I’m crazy. We usually can prepare easily.  But its really just figuring out who is here on what we need.

The other day he came down steps and wanted popcorn chicken…and has never said another word about it since.

The world is uncharted waters for everyone. But imagine being like Zeq. The unpredictable outside world effecting your inside world. Not knowing answers. Unsure about future. Whether it be school, or going to store without a mask, eating at your favorite pizza place. Its hard for everyone. But I believe it is so much harder on the kids who don’t understand.

Maybe for just today give a minute of your thoughts to those who don’t understand.

We will do as we always do, go buy more pepperoni and doritos 😉

As always.

Onward and upward

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