Yep! Just what it says. Awhile back I wrote a post about him saving his money and he was going to buy a hand held vacuum. He saved the money and bought a red one.

Well let me tell you, at all hours of the day you can hear this kid hand held vacuuming his room. Believe it to be John the clean ocd one. But he does it. Then he religiously cleans the vaccum out, while using a cleaning toothbrush, and all the while wearing green gloves.

I’m sure you chuckled, because I did as well. Why a tooth brush?.. well so he doesn’t have to put his hand inside it. Why gloves, more importantly why green ones. Well gloves so he doesn’t get his hand dirty(because he only uses one, the other one is reserved for ice in his mini fridge … another day another story) and these gloves have little grips to hold it better. Why green?!.. well why not green he says. After it is all cleaned out… he stuffs it full of paper towels, and let’s them in there for 11 mins. Not 10 mins or even 15 mins. But 11 mins is just perfect.

Well ok 11 mins it is. I dont know why. He knows why and that is all that matters. He loves that little vacuum. It serves his purpose. But he has recently been looking for a normal size vacuum. So maybe for his bday we will get him one.

This year he turns 16!! 16 wow. What do you get someone like Zeq and all his personalities for the big 16?! Maybe a cool vacuum. He wants some fingernail kits. He is not a hard kid to buy for just different for sure.

Different isn’t a bad thing at all. Different is probably way cooler than normal any day.

Be different, be you, be outgoing, or shy. Be whatever makes you feel good. Like Zeq he likes designer phone cases, and red vacuums and I think it is awesome.

I hope the start of your week you find something to inspire you. Find something to smile about. Find something to be proud of.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward