New normal

Back once again…

Have we not had anything interesting to write or say… well that is not the case here for sure.

Sometimes you get caught up in life.. sometimes it isn’t about getting caught up.. sometimes it just is..  everyones routine has been disrupted and no one likes it for sure. Maybe just maybe we now know how someone like Zeq feels everyday when something changes.

Hows quarantine treating you all? Good, bad, grand?  Is it the new normal as everyone keeps saying?. I dont know for sure. We call it life. Zeq rarely likes to leave the house. He is content in his 4 walls of a room for sure. Has he asked to leave only a few times. But he is ok online looking for what he wants and us picking it up, opposed to wearing a mask.

The thought of masks give him panic attacks. I dont blame him for sure.

In the past few months… we have learned how to go to school remotely with success. He did it his way and it worked he ended his year with all a’s and 1 b. His teachers checked on him regularly. The mailed him packets of work and the material he would need for it.

We have had a new personality join our fun group.. Theo… extremely ocd..polite..matter of a factly.. very particular about food..

Now for the food. Still changing but some odd request… over the last few months here has been the list… nesquik chocolate milk(must be that brand and 15 pack) ham…yes ham…but the individually packaged ones(that is current list) saltines(large box) chocolate chip cookies(2 boxes) frozen turkey..yes you read that(eats the entire family size with nothing else has to have metal fork). Chocolate milkshake every evening at 1030 with whipped cream. Apple cut up but only after been refrigerated for 9 mins.

I am sure there is more food that I have missed. But everything is specific.  When the chocolate milks gets to 7 another package needs bought. He takes 4 bottles of water upstairs for his cat to have. He can only use clear plastic utensils when eating.

Happy to have you Theo 🙄

These are just a few of our stories during quarantine.  I am going to start making more blogs I have lots of material to write about. He is a very interesting boy for sure.

I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, healthy and 6 feet away from each other.

As we always say….

Onward and upward