Seasons of life

Its been a minute since the last post. We have been adjusting to our new so called life. But what no one understands is that for people like Zeq this isn’t just an adjustment… it is and will be his new normal so it is going to hard to adjust back. Having Dr apps via telephone.. or even the not know what to do when need labs for a medicine, but need that medicine (antipycotics) the dr had to fight to pass it through without labs.

Over this quarantine we have had personalities run rapid. We have a new fellow you has joined our party. Enter Mr Theo…. we do not know much about him at this time. What we know is that he thinks Zeq is a hoarder(he ain’t lying) While rearranging Zeqs room the other day he profoundly announced how much of a hoarder Zeq was and that he was going through stuff….which he did. Placing items in certain places, throwing away alot. Well alright Theo you go on…

Nope.. Zeq comes back. Questioning me why I am throwing away his prized processions… aka storage bags, paper and odds and ends. So he takes them back out of the trash and replaces to them their proper places. Theo hasn’t been back since or has he..

See what we know of Theo is very clean, odd, and maybe a germaphobbic..

So back to it.. during this time foods and hygienic practices have been odd during some days(maybe Theo)

One day Zeq came down and ask for a bath(never happens) sure buddy. Next day he enforms me that it is time for a haircut.. well alright. Mind you that was weeks ago and we have fought tooth and nail for a bath since.

Foods.. where would I begin we have some weird ones. Ham lunch meat in a bowl.. must use a fork to eat it. Frozen turkey meal family size(one with just meat) he eats the entire thing by himself.

Is this Zeq? Is it Theo? We have no idea.

Everyone ask or says Zeq probably loves this quarantine.. he gets to stay home all the time. Yes and no. Does Zeq enjoy no school no really because he still has schooling.. but he can’t see his one friend at lunch so he doesn’t quite understand. He has a few great teachers who have reach out and called him.

He doesn’t go to stores very often but he has been wanting to go look at an air conditioner ( he wants to buy one for his room.) He doesn’t understand why we can’t go to cicis.

He knows about the virus and we have explained it to him. But it doesn’t make sense to him. Everyone says this will be the new normal everyone will resume life and stuff have to wear a mask. I mean do you think Zeq will make it with something covering his mouth? Not today not ever.

Everyone is having a rough time in this season of life. But we will make it through. We may end up with a house full of new personalities but we will greet and embrace them all.

We will do as we always do. Look for something everyday to smile. Look for the good in all this dark..I promise you it is there.

Until then..

As always

Onward and upward.

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