Corona, fear, no school

I’m sure in past week you have seen those words as many times as I have. I haven’t said anything this far about any of it. Today our state shut down our schools. Outrages have begun. Parents mad, kids happy, stores jam packed.

Stories have begun swirling off one week, two weeks, indefinitely and this is coming from a middle school.

You have people mad because you bought two packages of toilet paper, or upset because mocking it as a jock and posting memes while still not preparing.

At the end of the day is the virus real?! Sure is. Am I worried about it he virus?! Nope I am not. Not because it is not real but because I can treat it and bounce back.

I’m more worried what our America will look like after this is all said and done. The economic, the health everything.

Fear works in weird ways. If I said you over half of you right now there is a big spider close to your leg… even just reading this you look.. why?! Because you are afraid of spiders. That would be ok right? Absolutely you are afraid of it and you have a right to be. No one is able to tell you your fears.

Bringing me to my next opinion…again only my opinion and my thoughts. Imagine your biggest fear was germs.. you are disabled and have just been told every store is sold out.. you start to panic…the world, social media down plays you and says you need to calm down, and not panic… Why?!?! Did the world tell you it was just a spider get over it?. Nope.

If you walked into my house right now. You would assume that I am hoarding things. Not toilet paper. But strawberry pop tarts, pizza rolls, and possibly paper towels. Why do I need 4 cases of poptarts you may ask.. well you see Zeq and all his personalities are eating those right now, and hell has no fury of an autistic multiple personalities disabled child who wants a poptart and we are stuck at our house for a week.

Think what you want when you see an empty t.p. aisle, or even 3 guys with 3 carts full of wipes and t.p. I saw those gentlemen yesterday buying those cart fulls for the nursing homes. I have been seeing teachers buying boxes of fruit bars so she can offer a snack to someone who needs it. I know people are out there making a profit off of it all… But not everyone is.

People are legitimately afraid. But it’s ok for you to be afraid. It’s ok for me to be afraid of running out of poptarts. If you see me out, and need a pack of t.p., box of cookies, hand sanitizer… Just ask if be happy to get you some.

No one is telling to not be afraid of spiders, so please don’t tell my kid that one box of tissues is enough. Only he knows how many is enough.

We will do what we always do Corona or no Corona. We will live life on our terms.

As always onward and upward

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