Am I behind on blogs?! Absolutely. It’s not that nothing has happened. It’s not that we suddenly lost all the personalities. It’s not that meltdowns stopped and we have an easy going life.

Nothing like that at all. We have had many many personalities come and go. Some more than others, some new and some older ones becoming less and less. We are in the final stretch before schools out for the summer. We can definitely tell.

Entering March there are no out of school days, no early dismissals nothing. We can definitely feel it. Zeq ask almost daily when spring break is. Not til April buddy. But everyday he ask in hopes that the answer may be different.

Few more months buddy. Then will be summer break. I haven’t made blog post for no other reason than time. At every moment there is something going on. From school, sports, sickness, routine you name it. In the past few weeks we have conquered the flu b(rylee) dental appointments, first snow day of year, meltdowns because of Xbox cards being scratched too hard. The return of Henry and his loving of liquid cough medicine. As he put it he likes to let it run down his throat.

We have had new foods, Zeq now only eats poptarts strawberry and only individually wrapped from Sam’s club.. yes that specific for sure. Pizza rolls as well lots of pizza rolls. He has recently been having a sucker everyday. Cotton candy ones. No idea why. We roll with it. Johnny our neighborhood toddler has went silent mostly. Maybe see him once a week if that. We have had lots of John and his ocd meltdowns cleanliness person. Henry as well. A couple new ones that I haven’t quite figured out.

Our life is nothing if not interesting for sure. We have had a strange nosebleed that came out of nowhere. Then it has been followed by an obsession of his nose. Always checking it. The need to take 3 paper towels with him everywhere. 3 no more no less.

You name it and in the last month we have dealt with it. His last report card Honor Roll!!!! Yep you read it. I am so proud of him. This year has been a total turn around from middle school. Has it been all preaches and cream. Absolutely not. There are those kids who still are immature and pick on the kids in the special education classes. You will always have that even in the world after school. People are afraid of people who are different because they aren’t educated enough.

I tell him just keep doing his best and everything else will be ok.

Today, tomorrow and years from now we will continue to do what we do.

I don’t know what you all want to read about, our day to day? Questions that you may be wondering about? Does your day sound similar and you just want to know your not alone?

We will do as we always do. Doing what we can when we can. Zeq doesn’t seem to mind either way 🙂

As always

Onward and upward

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