Goals not resolutions

When you think of the new year most generally many thoughts are… What is my resolution?! But why a resolution?! Show of hands to someone who has successfully stuck to a resolution? If you have made it the whole year was it just done after that?

Resolutions seem so final.. so result.. so we aren’t not doing resolutions. We are doing goals. Zeq doesn’t really think of either one as a whole. But he does at the same time. Like when he is saving his money(which he is) until he chooses something that he really wants he won’t spend a penny of it. He hasn’t choose anything yet but he will. So that is a goal he works towards and he doesn’t even know it.

Zeqs disability isnt ever going away. I know that. He does not. He doesn’t view himself as disabled. So it won’t be his goal to conquer disability or change it. He has some unspoken goals, and we do as well for him. Big one this year he will be turning 16. I have dreaded this birthday for a long time. I can hope he doesn’t even ask about getting his license or a car. But if he does we will manage our way through it.

Everyone can make a resolution, but will you work on it, or will you get bored with it? We are going to do short term goals, and a few long term. Getting to spring break is one of Zeq short term goals. One of mine blog more. Grow this adventure. I’ll get there one step at a time. Just like Zeq one day at a time until spring break. It will eventually come.

Resolutions seem so final…and well we are finished just yet. So our goal reach as many people as we can.. not to go viral but to help just one person. Disabled or not sometimes people just need hope. We are living proof.. we don’t do things beautifully.. we do them imperfectly perfect. We will continue to do so.

As always and will always say..

Onward and upward

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