New decade new year

Well we did it we survived Christmas and New year’s. We survived the decade. Zeq seemed to have an amazing Christmas. He even ventured out to watch the ball drop and pop a popper.

Next week he will go back to school, and believe me he is already counting to the next break. He ask about it everyday. We will get back on the routine.

Personalities have come and gone in past week. The anticipation has made them more frequent. But we handle it. Johnny has been here alot in anticipation of santa. He has stayed as well, back to a few times a day for his visits.

In this past decade whew we have done so much. You guys have read some of our stories. My kind of resolution per say is to tell more. Do more with this blog. Grow it. Brand it. Do it. Sometimes we need to take a step back and recharge. To find why we are doing something again. Why am I doing this. To be Zeqs voice. To help other families with questions, or for them to just know someone is there.

To all the people who read this blog. Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart.

From my family to yours happy new year, new decade.

We will do everyday as we always do.

Onward and upward

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