Counting down

We are under the two week to the arrival of the big red man. Zeqs countdown has been going for awhile now. He is counting down to santa, and til Christmas break. He has 4 school days left until his break.

He is eagerly awaiting both break and santa. The joy you can see in his eyes, when he sees the lights, trees, or just talks of Santa is unexplainable. It is the pure joy. When he goes to and sees a pack of ornaments that he “just can’t pass up” or talks of buying a tote to make sure everything is safe.

I wonder what it looks like through his eyes. I wonder if it twinkles a little brighter. I wonder if it is everything he has ever thought Christmas would see the look on his face is definitely say it was the best thing ever.

This time of year things happen rapidly. Personalities come and go. Foods come and go. You name it. Coffee went away for a few. Now it is back… But slightly modified. Now we only drink half a cup, little creamer, and only in the afternoon. Well that’s new. We are on a pumpkin cookie kick as well.

This time is full of hustle and bustle. Everything seems to be in hyper speed. Everyone going here, need to get there. Everyone needs to slow down just a little. Appreciate the small things life has to offer. You may be missing out on something beautiful, because you were in a hurry. I can tell you this time of year Zeq isn’t in a hurry to do anything except for break to come faster. He is ok looking at ornaments for hours.

Most people think kids with disabilities lack patience, lack abilities. Nope that is so far from the truth. They have patience of steel especially waiting for Santa.

I hope everyone has a great day, I hope you take an extra minute of your day to look at lights, to read another chapter of your book, to relax an extra few in that bubble bath. Because tomorrow will be here sooner than you know it. But it can wait one more minute.

We will always we always do

Onward and upward

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