One happy kid

Everyone knows this time of year is not the greatest in our household. Not for any other reason than the shifting in routines, cold weather, and personalities running amuck.

We do our best. The elves come and give us some stability. We have time to sit and create something each night and unwind a bit. We enjoy a snack. Not every night is great. Some nights we have fighting. Some nights we have attitudes. Some nights we have personalities.

Tonight Johnny came to visit for a few minutes. With his yays… happys…and his stickers.

We are officially almost a week without coffee. Not one mention of it. He has now moved onto pumpkins cookies.

Everyone has known through the years the struggles that have came along with school. This year alone has been so much better for him. No he absolutely doesn’t like going. But he also doesn’t fight it everyday. He brushes his teeth every morning. He also has a friend he gets to sit with at lunchtime. So he has been relieving to say the least.

Well today Zeq tells me mom I don’t have to go to school next week. I say huh?!?! He tells me it is finals next Weds Thurs and Fri. I say ok, but you probably still have to go just won’t be doing much. He says ok. After school his aide comes to me with a paper and says Zeq really doesn’t have to come those days next week. He has great grades in his classes, and his absences are good. I just need to fill out a paper.

Needless to say he was thrilled. He will have 19 days off for Christmas break. I am sure it will be even more difficult to go back after that long. But for now he is super excited.

Our elves have kept us busy.. with stickers, foam, digging, painting projects for sure. Zeq has tried a few new candies. Not many boxes t hey we will take it.

The littlest thing in your day can change your mood, can change your whole day, can change you week or even more. That’s what getting extra days off did for Zeq.

It doesn’t have to be this grand thing, it could be the simplest of things. Maybe a kind word to someone who is sad. Maybe it could be just checking in on someone. You never know what could change someones day.

Finding Joy’s in the smallest things, turns out to be one of the greatest gifts. Tomorrow is never promised so have an extra cup of coffee, take the long way home. Enjoy life for one more minute longer.

As we always do

Onward and upward

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