Counting down

We are under the two week to the arrival of the big red man. Zeqs countdown has been going for awhile now. He is counting down to santa, and til Christmas break. He has 4 school days left until his break.

He is eagerly awaiting both break and santa. The joy you can see in his eyes, when he sees the lights, trees, or just talks of Santa is unexplainable. It is the pure joy. When he goes to and sees a pack of ornaments that he “just can’t pass up” or talks of buying a tote to make sure everything is safe.

I wonder what it looks like through his eyes. I wonder if it twinkles a little brighter. I wonder if it is everything he has ever thought Christmas would see the look on his face is definitely say it was the best thing ever.

This time of year things happen rapidly. Personalities come and go. Foods come and go. You name it. Coffee went away for a few. Now it is back… But slightly modified. Now we only drink half a cup, little creamer, and only in the afternoon. Well that’s new. We are on a pumpkin cookie kick as well.

This time is full of hustle and bustle. Everything seems to be in hyper speed. Everyone going here, need to get there. Everyone needs to slow down just a little. Appreciate the small things life has to offer. You may be missing out on something beautiful, because you were in a hurry. I can tell you this time of year Zeq isn’t in a hurry to do anything except for break to come faster. He is ok looking at ornaments for hours.

Most people think kids with disabilities lack patience, lack abilities. Nope that is so far from the truth. They have patience of steel especially waiting for Santa.

I hope everyone has a great day, I hope you take an extra minute of your day to look at lights, to read another chapter of your book, to relax an extra few in that bubble bath. Because tomorrow will be here sooner than you know it. But it can wait one more minute.

We will always we always do

Onward and upward

One happy kid

Everyone knows this time of year is not the greatest in our household. Not for any other reason than the shifting in routines, cold weather, and personalities running amuck.

We do our best. The elves come and give us some stability. We have time to sit and create something each night and unwind a bit. We enjoy a snack. Not every night is great. Some nights we have fighting. Some nights we have attitudes. Some nights we have personalities.

Tonight Johnny came to visit for a few minutes. With his yays… happys…and his stickers.

We are officially almost a week without coffee. Not one mention of it. He has now moved onto pumpkins cookies.

Everyone has known through the years the struggles that have came along with school. This year alone has been so much better for him. No he absolutely doesn’t like going. But he also doesn’t fight it everyday. He brushes his teeth every morning. He also has a friend he gets to sit with at lunchtime. So he has been relieving to say the least.

Well today Zeq tells me mom I don’t have to go to school next week. I say huh?!?! He tells me it is finals next Weds Thurs and Fri. I say ok, but you probably still have to go just won’t be doing much. He says ok. After school his aide comes to me with a paper and says Zeq really doesn’t have to come those days next week. He has great grades in his classes, and his absences are good. I just need to fill out a paper.

Needless to say he was thrilled. He will have 19 days off for Christmas break. I am sure it will be even more difficult to go back after that long. But for now he is super excited.

Our elves have kept us busy.. with stickers, foam, digging, painting projects for sure. Zeq has tried a few new candies. Not many boxes t hey we will take it.

The littlest thing in your day can change your mood, can change your whole day, can change you week or even more. That’s what getting extra days off did for Zeq.

It doesn’t have to be this grand thing, it could be the simplest of things. Maybe a kind word to someone who is sad. Maybe it could be just checking in on someone. You never know what could change someones day.

Finding Joy’s in the smallest things, turns out to be one of the greatest gifts. Tomorrow is never promised so have an extra cup of coffee, take the long way home. Enjoy life for one more minute longer.

As we always do

Onward and upward

Break time

This is the season we dread every year. Not necessarily dread. Await its arrival maybe for better use of words?!?!

All the holiday breaks, the winter time blues, the flare up of personalities, the meltdowns, the breakdowns, the new foods. You know all of it.

The anticipation of Santas arrival is a big one in our house. The other day the elves brought a santa letter kit. Zeq was very anxious about this, because he was quite sure what to write. He hadn’t made his final decisions he said. But after sitting for a bit he figured out what he wanted to write.Everyone takes advantage of simple things like what to ask Santa for…they fill pages and pages of randomness things just to ask for. Zeq has to think very long and hard about this one. He came up with a comfy office chair?! Yep office chair. He said or even a recliner? Well ok then….

This time of year brings many things. Brings school breaks first being Thanksgiving which we diligently counted down to. But this was only the beginning.. the big countdown to Christmas break began the day after Thanksgiving. Every night he tells me how many days left to Christmas, how many days to Christmas break and then how many days he has off school. It’s our normal we have lived it for years now so it is just our routine.

Over the last few weeks we have had many personalities come. Notably shadow army guy has been here everyday for 2 weeks. He is a prominent personality that we are used to but it is usually not this often. Also all the excitement has brought Johnny everyday a few times each day. Squealing, flapping, 2 year old Johnny.As far as food no real big changes to note. We may be on the downhill from coffee he only had one cup yesterday. So we shall see.

One noteworthy thing… Kind of exciting thing. So Zeq always saves his money. Well this year we were talking about Black Friday and Zeq ask about it. He looked at the ads and picked a few things he would like to buy. We didn’t go the day of the sales because of the massive amount of people. But we were able to take him the next day. It had its dicey moments. But he was able to go and buy a controller. Then went to GameStop and pick 3 games. He was pleased about it. After he was definitely ready to go home.

But it was a success.

Just because you are dealt a not so good hand doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it and win the hand in the end.

Instead focusing on winning a 5k run… We choose to compete in a 50 yard dash. If we win we win, if we don’t then we try again. The point is that we were able to atleast try. Not all times do we do it successfully, but we gain the tools from each fail to try again.

Everyone should stop trying to come in first all the time, I promise you coming in last is just as good and you get to see more of the world by slowing down.Life will come and go just like today and tomorrow…

Slow down and look at all the scenery you are missing. Go look at Christmas lights, sit a little longer with that cup of coffee. Life will be here either way running or walking.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward