That coffee kick….

This past week has been rough.. we lost our furry family member. We have had meltdowns. We have had tears. We have had food changes. We have had a lot this week.

Zeq doesn’t understand completely when it comes to our dogs death, in a sense I envy him in that way. He cried and cried. But then was ok.

He had a meltdown randomly over pancakes, not because he didn’t like them but because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to eat them?!? Then he ate them. He food groups consist of lots and lots of pizza rolls, and for snack nutty bars. He has tried of the elves snacks, he liked the chocolate covered pretzels the most so far.

School has been going good. His aide brought him candy back from Hershey Park so he was excited about that. He has this week to go then off for a week, so it has been countdown every single day. Which is probably why some of the meltdowns have came.

Johnny came to visit quite often this week, meaning multiple and multiple times in a day. He was one who has slowed down coming for a little while. Well now he is back full force for sure.

Big change this past week. Coffee!!!!! Yep it is back. All day everyday. Original creamer. He only drinks tea with his medicine and sometimes supper. Why oh why?!?! Who knows. One day I ask if he wanted hot chocolate and he looked at me as if I was crazy, and hasn’t had it since. But he has had pots and pots of coffee.

What can we say. This is always a difficult time of year. Personalities come quicker, food changes faster. Countdowns upon countdowns happen. We are very used to it.

We take each day as it comes. We find something to be thankful for even if somedays it is hard to see. There will always be something to be thankful for you just have to be open to seeing it.

Life isn’t meant to be watched it is meant to be lived. That is what we are doing. We are living it. We can’t get back today after it already passed, or even last week. But you know what we do have..?!? We have tomorrow. So make sure you make the most of it.

We will as we always do

Onward and upward

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