Coffee and cutouts

Elves brought wooden owls last night, and tiny wooden ornaments tonight. Snacks were a chocolate orange, Zeq did not try it. Tonight our snack was gummy snacks, he seemed pretty pumped about them.

So last night, he said I think I want coffee.. oh no… we didn’t have regular creamer so he drank it black. This morning he again had a cup of black coffee. I ask him if he was going to have coffee this evening. He said no I’m going to have hot chocolate. Well ok, I wasn’t sure. Something’s come quickly, and go even quicker. So we shall see come tomorrow which one he is drinking.

There may be some truth behind my personalities theory. Certain ones drink certain things. As we have whatever it is that is needed is what matters.

Today he came home from school with a few tests that he gotten back. He got an A on one of them and he got a B on the other. He was pretty proud of himself, I am proud of him.

Tomorrow he should be bringing home an art project he has been working on for weeks. He told me it was done the other day, but just needed graded. I know he has told me about it everyday since he started it. All I know is that he has sharpie. So we shall see.

I am happy that this year has been going well, it makes a huge difference him being in a place that he gets help. We are entering our hardest time of year. Between now and after first of the year has always been rough. Between breaks and snow. We will prepare ourselves like we always do.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go just the same as today did. What you do in that time is yours. You should make it the very best you can, because today can never be remade no matter how hard you try.

We will do as we always do.

Onward and upward

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