Thanksgiving bingo

Day two of our elves. They brought use Thanksgiving edition bingo. As well as some hershey kisses.

Bingo is one of our favorite ones. We played two rounds. Zeq won the first game. The second round we all played until each one of us got a bingo.

We thoroughly enjoy these projects every night. It also is a great added routine. It starts our countdown, but also makes each count down that Zeq makes a little easier. It is a distraction that is sometimes needed.

Now he is asking how many days until Christmas. This is his favorite time of year by far.. but also his most stressful at the same time. These elves are so much more than just your average Christmas time. They are a belief, they are a tradition, they are a joy, they are family to us.

Life isnt meant to be wake up, fall asleep. It is meant to be lived. Experience things, believe in things, let the littlest of things bring you Joy.

We all could learn a thing or two.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough, how about we all make the time in between wake up and fall asleep more than we have been. Find something to smile about, find something to believe in.

We will do as we always do….

Onward and upward

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