There went the neighborhood…

Yep I said it….

We will get to that in a few.. but first. We went trick or treating last night. It was a success, Zeq went as a gamer!!!!! Not an army guy, not policeman, but a gamer. We made a shirt and he picked what kind of letters we used. It may seem very small to everyone, but this is huge for him.

It was cold but we had a good time. The countdown has begun to Thanksgiving break. He counted on the school calendar today.

Now until.. where did the neighborhood go, and why did the neighborhood go there?!?!!? Well you see we woke up to a special delivery… In the form of elves 🤦yep elves!?! They have brought along with them tree to decorate, supplies for projects, and their infamous projects. Tonight was the initial ornament, and a “I’m grateful” scavenger hunt.

Everyone was excited to see them. Zeq ask me if there was enough all the way until Christmas, I said I’m not sure buddy, he said I sure hope so.

No matter what you believe in it doesn’t matter. Just please do not take someone else’s belief away. No matter if you think it is too early… That is your opinion. I am not and will not skip over Thanksgiving, it is one of the favorite holidays. But if a Christmas tree, elves, projects bring joy why not?!?! It happens to bring our home a lot of joy. It brings Zequal great amounts of joy. So I say bring on the Christmas lights 😉

To each their own… Everyday is a day that we can find the joy in the littlest things. Zeq found his joy in these elves.

Make everyday worth wild, because tomorrow will be here before you know it and you will not have a chance to go back.

We will as we always do

Onward and upward

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