That coffee kick….

This past week has been rough.. we lost our furry family member. We have had meltdowns. We have had tears. We have had food changes. We have had a lot this week.

Zeq doesn’t understand completely when it comes to our dogs death, in a sense I envy him in that way. He cried and cried. But then was ok.

He had a meltdown randomly over pancakes, not because he didn’t like them but because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to eat them?!? Then he ate them. He food groups consist of lots and lots of pizza rolls, and for snack nutty bars. He has tried of the elves snacks, he liked the chocolate covered pretzels the most so far.

School has been going good. His aide brought him candy back from Hershey Park so he was excited about that. He has this week to go then off for a week, so it has been countdown every single day. Which is probably why some of the meltdowns have came.

Johnny came to visit quite often this week, meaning multiple and multiple times in a day. He was one who has slowed down coming for a little while. Well now he is back full force for sure.

Big change this past week. Coffee!!!!! Yep it is back. All day everyday. Original creamer. He only drinks tea with his medicine and sometimes supper. Why oh why?!?! Who knows. One day I ask if he wanted hot chocolate and he looked at me as if I was crazy, and hasn’t had it since. But he has had pots and pots of coffee.

What can we say. This is always a difficult time of year. Personalities come quicker, food changes faster. Countdowns upon countdowns happen. We are very used to it.

We take each day as it comes. We find something to be thankful for even if somedays it is hard to see. There will always be something to be thankful for you just have to be open to seeing it.

Life isn’t meant to be watched it is meant to be lived. That is what we are doing. We are living it. We can’t get back today after it already passed, or even last week. But you know what we do have..?!? We have tomorrow. So make sure you make the most of it.

We will as we always do

Onward and upward

This kid and Christmas

One thing that can be said …

Zequal loves Christmas!!!! Absolutely everything about it. The lights, the tree, santa, elves, Christmas break. You name it he loves it.

For past few days he has been looking for his little Christmas tree to put up in his room. He couldn’t find it so he ask us to pick him up one. Spending his money on it. He bought the tree, a set of lights and a star.

This evening he moved one of his computers off his stand so it could be set up. He ask if while he is in school tomorrow if I could pick him up two packages of bells. He wants to use them as the ornaments on it.

He was so excited to have it put up. He also has other Christmas lights in various places in his bedroom. He has garland that he says he still needs to hang.

Our elves over the past few days have brought pom pom art, coloring book, wooden ornaments and tonight one of the favorites. Memory matching it was Zeqs turn and happened to be one of his favorites. Also brought pretzels.

At the end of the day everyone should find something that brings them as much joy as Christmas brings Zeq. Once you find that hang onto it with everything possible.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go. What you do with today is completely up to you. May it bring you as much joy as setting up a Christmas tree brought to Zeq tonight.

We will do as we always do.

Onward and upward

Coffee and cutouts

Elves brought wooden owls last night, and tiny wooden ornaments tonight. Snacks were a chocolate orange, Zeq did not try it. Tonight our snack was gummy snacks, he seemed pretty pumped about them.

So last night, he said I think I want coffee.. oh no… we didn’t have regular creamer so he drank it black. This morning he again had a cup of black coffee. I ask him if he was going to have coffee this evening. He said no I’m going to have hot chocolate. Well ok, I wasn’t sure. Something’s come quickly, and go even quicker. So we shall see come tomorrow which one he is drinking.

There may be some truth behind my personalities theory. Certain ones drink certain things. As we have whatever it is that is needed is what matters.

Today he came home from school with a few tests that he gotten back. He got an A on one of them and he got a B on the other. He was pretty proud of himself, I am proud of him.

Tomorrow he should be bringing home an art project he has been working on for weeks. He told me it was done the other day, but just needed graded. I know he has told me about it everyday since he started it. All I know is that he has sharpie. So we shall see.

I am happy that this year has been going well, it makes a huge difference him being in a place that he gets help. We are entering our hardest time of year. Between now and after first of the year has always been rough. Between breaks and snow. We will prepare ourselves like we always do.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go just the same as today did. What you do in that time is yours. You should make it the very best you can, because today can never be remade no matter how hard you try.

We will do as we always do.

Onward and upward

Thanksgiving bingo

Day two of our elves. They brought use Thanksgiving edition bingo. As well as some hershey kisses.

Bingo is one of our favorite ones. We played two rounds. Zeq won the first game. The second round we all played until each one of us got a bingo.

We thoroughly enjoy these projects every night. It also is a great added routine. It starts our countdown, but also makes each count down that Zeq makes a little easier. It is a distraction that is sometimes needed.

Now he is asking how many days until Christmas. This is his favorite time of year by far.. but also his most stressful at the same time. These elves are so much more than just your average Christmas time. They are a belief, they are a tradition, they are a joy, they are family to us.

Life isnt meant to be wake up, fall asleep. It is meant to be lived. Experience things, believe in things, let the littlest of things bring you Joy.

We all could learn a thing or two.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough, how about we all make the time in between wake up and fall asleep more than we have been. Find something to smile about, find something to believe in.

We will do as we always do….

Onward and upward

There went the neighborhood…

Yep I said it….

We will get to that in a few.. but first. We went trick or treating last night. It was a success, Zeq went as a gamer!!!!! Not an army guy, not policeman, but a gamer. We made a shirt and he picked what kind of letters we used. It may seem very small to everyone, but this is huge for him.

It was cold but we had a good time. The countdown has begun to Thanksgiving break. He counted on the school calendar today.

Now until.. where did the neighborhood go, and why did the neighborhood go there?!?!!? Well you see we woke up to a special delivery… In the form of elves 🤦yep elves!?! They have brought along with them tree to decorate, supplies for projects, and their infamous projects. Tonight was the initial ornament, and a “I’m grateful” scavenger hunt.

Everyone was excited to see them. Zeq ask me if there was enough all the way until Christmas, I said I’m not sure buddy, he said I sure hope so.

No matter what you believe in it doesn’t matter. Just please do not take someone else’s belief away. No matter if you think it is too early… That is your opinion. I am not and will not skip over Thanksgiving, it is one of the favorite holidays. But if a Christmas tree, elves, projects bring joy why not?!?! It happens to bring our home a lot of joy. It brings Zequal great amounts of joy. So I say bring on the Christmas lights 😉

To each their own… Everyday is a day that we can find the joy in the littlest things. Zeq found his joy in these elves.

Make everyday worth wild, because tomorrow will be here before you know it and you will not have a chance to go back.

We will as we always do

Onward and upward