One smart…pumpkin…

Happy Halloween!!!

No trick or treating this evening it was moved until Saturday.This is kinda two post in one.Smart….We shall start there. I have said lately how much better Zeq is doing at school since getting all the help he needs. The teachers actually care, the follow the IEP that is established for the kids. He isn’t getting picked on. Although he doesn’t like going to school he goes with little fighting. He gets up and before leaving for school everyday he brushes his teeth which is amazing in its own.

Now onto the smart part. He comes home the other day with his report card. He never gets too excited about them but this time was different he was very excited to show me. All As and 1 c… What?!?! How awesome!!! He had a c in pe… Of all classes, most kids it is their favorite, but not Zeq he absolutely hates pe.. I can’t say it enough on how proud I am of him. He is doing so well. He was proud of himself.

Onto pumpkins, what’s Halloween without carving pumpkins..We picked them out, and scooped Zeqs out for him because he absolutely hates it. Most times he tells me what to cut and he watches. This year he even tried to cut his face out all by himself. He did a good job.He was happy when I was done so he could wash his hands. John came out to play and needed his dawn soap because it was “absolutely disgusting.” At the end of the day he got it all carved and was happy with the turnout.

With Zeq we take each days as it comes. Somedays bring new foods, some brings meltdowns, personalities come and go. Things change as quickly as the wind blows. But each day we find things to be thankful for. I am thankful for his school helping him be the best he can be. It means more to us than anyone will ever know.

Tomorrow will come and go just as today will. Make the most of your days.

Happy Halloween to everyone for our family to yours.

As always

Onward and upward