Do better everyone…

This blog is a piggy back from the trick or treating blog. Except this one is a disheartened one.

While many activities for Halloween are going on for everyone to enjoy. While I say everyone what I really mean is…

Some are for 10 and under, some are for under 13 years. So at the end of the day it really isn’t for everyone.

So when I went to Kroger a store that I have always shopped at has this awesome event for Halloween. Cookie decorating, treat bags, trick or treating I was excited. Until.. I saw 10 and under. Really kroger?!?!

Not all disabled children who are above 10 are actually their physical age. Zeq is 15 years old physically, within an internal age closely to a 4 year old. But guess what Kroger won’t allow him to enjoy fun things such as decorate a cookie.

Do better Kroger!! Do better everyone who sponsors events such as these.

We all need to do better. Not only for disabled kids, but for everyone. Pay it forward when you can. You never know what that means to someone else. I am not speaking about money. Sometimes a nice word to someone can change their whole day, may help them realize they are worth it.

Not everyone who looks ok, who looks 15 are ok or even 15. So think about that. Think about Zeq who can’t even go decorate a cookie because he is 15.

Do better

Tomorrow will be here sooner than later. Make good things happen today.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward

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