Brotherly love

Zeq may not have the best ability to show any sort of emotion. When he does he often doesn’t know what the emotion even means.But one thing about Zeq when someone is crying he knows something is wrong. That is the one emotion he understands the most.As a toddler, or even growing up Zeq hasn’t paid much attention to his siblings. When Rylee was an infant and crying he was unphased by it. Her presence didn’t bother him one bit. When Rylee was born he wasn’t interested in her one bit. As the years have went on he hasn’t paid much mind to her or Hayden. If they talk to him he answers them, but he doesn’t seek them out to play, or to chat.But .. when one of them is hurt, or if they have a procedure of any sort done, he cares. He cares and shows it in his own way.Once when Hayden had a procedure done and was upset Zeq had gotten his pillow for him, as well as a drink. Rylee yesterday had braces put on and this morning she was crying. Zeq got her a water to take her medicine and then he opened the car door for her to go to school this morning.He doesn’t show his care for them on regular days, it’s not that he doesn’t care it’s just he doesn’t know how to show it. It isn’t always Zeq as well it maybe Henry, Jeffrey or whoever else. But somewhere deep within when his brother and sister are in apparent pain Zeq does what he can. May only be for a minute but he tries to help them when he can. Afterwards may go back to his ignoring them for weeks.Today is here, make the best of it. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Today and always I am thankful that I was blessed with Zeq. He has been dealt not the greatest hand.. but he plays his cards just right. We all could learn little things from him.We will do as we always do…Onward and upward

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