Trick or treat

It’s almost here, time to get that candy.

For some it may be least favorite holiday, some it may be the most magical time of year. It is different for every household.

I can tell you Halloween can be a very tricky time for anyone who is asd, or has sensory overload, or even if they have anxiety. I can tell you this from experience.

Halloween is the time you can dress up to be your favorite cartoon, your sports hero, you inner dragon, your favorite fortnite skin or what ever you want to be.

But sadly it isn’t that easy for everyone. It’s not easy for Zeq. He has been the exact same thing for atleast 8 years now. Police officer or army guy. Nothing more. No paint. Just his regular clothing and a toy gun added. It works for him. He hates masks, makeup, or even costumes to feel scratchy to him.

There are a lot of kids and adults who have this problem every single year. Bringing us to another problem Zeq is 15… Why yes he does want to trick or treat and by goodness he will. There should be no age limit. If you take them time to dress up and come to my door and knock no matter age or how well the costume is you will get candy.

A lot of people see Zeq and they see a 15 year old on the outside, ok but what about the toddler on the inside that no one can physically see?!?!

People judge too quickly, they don’t think about other things. They see kid in regular clothes and first off it is parents are too poor to by costume, see a teenager and it is they just want the free candy.

Well I can tell you it’s no for both of those, I want my child to be able to participate in Halloween for however long he feels the need. We as parents need to encourage others to see this, and to treat these children/adults with kindness and compassion they need.

Yes they can carry the “blue” bucket, and Zeq will. But we as able bodied and minded adults need to show everyone we are on their sides. They believe and we can keep their magic going.

The simplest things go the furthest. Try it and see.

Life is about finding something to believe in. Zeq has found many things, and I will keep him believing for as long as I can.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go. You hold the power to change a person’s whole day, week or even year. So this year as you hand out your candy and there seems to be that shy kid, or maybe “too old” kid how about giving them an extra piece.

As always

Onward and upward

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