As many of you know Zeqs birthday was Monday, this is one year he didn’t have to go to school because of Columbus day.

We celebrated Sunday with lasagna, and then on Monday he got to pick where he wanted to go eat. He picked cicis pizza. He was happy. He got his laptop and bought himself a new video game. 15??!!?! Where has time gone.

Today he comes out of school, huge smile on his face, that only means one thing… He has brought something home… Oh boy!..!.

Well it wasn’t what I thought at all. His aide came with him and was telling me that she had gave him a pumpkin cookie for his birthday, and he told me he ate it at lunch. But this wasn’t why he was smiling big. Even though that was pretty cool to say the least. His huge smile came from a bag, he opened it to show me, his teacher brought him cups, not one cupcake but 24 mini cupcakes!!! He was so excited.

It made me smile as well. I have recently said how much better high school has been for him but this goes to show you that. A teacher remembered that his bday was this week and went out of their way to make him feel special. It makes a huge difference for him. It’s not a meltdown every single day for him to go to school. He doesn’t like having to go but it is so much different this year. He tolerates it much better these days.

He was also smiling today because he won a bag of Doritos during a competition in class. 😂.

This kid I tell you!! He seemed to have a great birthday. He deserves it.

I just want to say thank you to his teachers and aide for making him feel special.

It’s the little things in life like those cupcakes that can make a person’s day or even year.

Life will continue to move forward, tomorrow will be here sooner than later. Make your tomorrow epic.

We will do as we always do…

Onward and upward

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