One smart…pumpkin…

Happy Halloween!!!

No trick or treating this evening it was moved until Saturday.This is kinda two post in one.Smart….We shall start there. I have said lately how much better Zeq is doing at school since getting all the help he needs. The teachers actually care, the follow the IEP that is established for the kids. He isn’t getting picked on. Although he doesn’t like going to school he goes with little fighting. He gets up and before leaving for school everyday he brushes his teeth which is amazing in its own.

Now onto the smart part. He comes home the other day with his report card. He never gets too excited about them but this time was different he was very excited to show me. All As and 1 c… What?!?! How awesome!!! He had a c in pe… Of all classes, most kids it is their favorite, but not Zeq he absolutely hates pe.. I can’t say it enough on how proud I am of him. He is doing so well. He was proud of himself.

Onto pumpkins, what’s Halloween without carving pumpkins..We picked them out, and scooped Zeqs out for him because he absolutely hates it. Most times he tells me what to cut and he watches. This year he even tried to cut his face out all by himself. He did a good job.He was happy when I was done so he could wash his hands. John came out to play and needed his dawn soap because it was “absolutely disgusting.” At the end of the day he got it all carved and was happy with the turnout.

With Zeq we take each days as it comes. Somedays bring new foods, some brings meltdowns, personalities come and go. Things change as quickly as the wind blows. But each day we find things to be thankful for. I am thankful for his school helping him be the best he can be. It means more to us than anyone will ever know.

Tomorrow will come and go just as today will. Make the most of your days.

Happy Halloween to everyone for our family to yours.

As always

Onward and upward

Do better everyone…

This blog is a piggy back from the trick or treating blog. Except this one is a disheartened one.

While many activities for Halloween are going on for everyone to enjoy. While I say everyone what I really mean is…

Some are for 10 and under, some are for under 13 years. So at the end of the day it really isn’t for everyone.

So when I went to Kroger a store that I have always shopped at has this awesome event for Halloween. Cookie decorating, treat bags, trick or treating I was excited. Until.. I saw 10 and under. Really kroger?!?!

Not all disabled children who are above 10 are actually their physical age. Zeq is 15 years old physically, within an internal age closely to a 4 year old. But guess what Kroger won’t allow him to enjoy fun things such as decorate a cookie.

Do better Kroger!! Do better everyone who sponsors events such as these.

We all need to do better. Not only for disabled kids, but for everyone. Pay it forward when you can. You never know what that means to someone else. I am not speaking about money. Sometimes a nice word to someone can change their whole day, may help them realize they are worth it.

Not everyone who looks ok, who looks 15 are ok or even 15. So think about that. Think about Zeq who can’t even go decorate a cookie because he is 15.

Do better

Tomorrow will be here sooner than later. Make good things happen today.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward

Brotherly love

Zeq may not have the best ability to show any sort of emotion. When he does he often doesn’t know what the emotion even means.But one thing about Zeq when someone is crying he knows something is wrong. That is the one emotion he understands the most.As a toddler, or even growing up Zeq hasn’t paid much attention to his siblings. When Rylee was an infant and crying he was unphased by it. Her presence didn’t bother him one bit. When Rylee was born he wasn’t interested in her one bit. As the years have went on he hasn’t paid much mind to her or Hayden. If they talk to him he answers them, but he doesn’t seek them out to play, or to chat.But .. when one of them is hurt, or if they have a procedure of any sort done, he cares. He cares and shows it in his own way.Once when Hayden had a procedure done and was upset Zeq had gotten his pillow for him, as well as a drink. Rylee yesterday had braces put on and this morning she was crying. Zeq got her a water to take her medicine and then he opened the car door for her to go to school this morning.He doesn’t show his care for them on regular days, it’s not that he doesn’t care it’s just he doesn’t know how to show it. It isn’t always Zeq as well it maybe Henry, Jeffrey or whoever else. But somewhere deep within when his brother and sister are in apparent pain Zeq does what he can. May only be for a minute but he tries to help them when he can. Afterwards may go back to his ignoring them for weeks.Today is here, make the best of it. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Today and always I am thankful that I was blessed with Zeq. He has been dealt not the greatest hand.. but he plays his cards just right. We all could learn little things from him.We will do as we always do…Onward and upward

Trick or treat

It’s almost here, time to get that candy.

For some it may be least favorite holiday, some it may be the most magical time of year. It is different for every household.

I can tell you Halloween can be a very tricky time for anyone who is asd, or has sensory overload, or even if they have anxiety. I can tell you this from experience.

Halloween is the time you can dress up to be your favorite cartoon, your sports hero, you inner dragon, your favorite fortnite skin or what ever you want to be.

But sadly it isn’t that easy for everyone. It’s not easy for Zeq. He has been the exact same thing for atleast 8 years now. Police officer or army guy. Nothing more. No paint. Just his regular clothing and a toy gun added. It works for him. He hates masks, makeup, or even costumes to feel scratchy to him.

There are a lot of kids and adults who have this problem every single year. Bringing us to another problem Zeq is 15… Why yes he does want to trick or treat and by goodness he will. There should be no age limit. If you take them time to dress up and come to my door and knock no matter age or how well the costume is you will get candy.

A lot of people see Zeq and they see a 15 year old on the outside, ok but what about the toddler on the inside that no one can physically see?!?!

People judge too quickly, they don’t think about other things. They see kid in regular clothes and first off it is parents are too poor to by costume, see a teenager and it is they just want the free candy.

Well I can tell you it’s no for both of those, I want my child to be able to participate in Halloween for however long he feels the need. We as parents need to encourage others to see this, and to treat these children/adults with kindness and compassion they need.

Yes they can carry the “blue” bucket, and Zeq will. But we as able bodied and minded adults need to show everyone we are on their sides. They believe and we can keep their magic going.

The simplest things go the furthest. Try it and see.

Life is about finding something to believe in. Zeq has found many things, and I will keep him believing for as long as I can.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go. You hold the power to change a person’s whole day, week or even year. So this year as you hand out your candy and there seems to be that shy kid, or maybe “too old” kid how about giving them an extra piece.

As always

Onward and upward


As many of you know Zeqs birthday was Monday, this is one year he didn’t have to go to school because of Columbus day.

We celebrated Sunday with lasagna, and then on Monday he got to pick where he wanted to go eat. He picked cicis pizza. He was happy. He got his laptop and bought himself a new video game. 15??!!?! Where has time gone.

Today he comes out of school, huge smile on his face, that only means one thing… He has brought something home… Oh boy!..!.

Well it wasn’t what I thought at all. His aide came with him and was telling me that she had gave him a pumpkin cookie for his birthday, and he told me he ate it at lunch. But this wasn’t why he was smiling big. Even though that was pretty cool to say the least. His huge smile came from a bag, he opened it to show me, his teacher brought him cups, not one cupcake but 24 mini cupcakes!!! He was so excited.

It made me smile as well. I have recently said how much better high school has been for him but this goes to show you that. A teacher remembered that his bday was this week and went out of their way to make him feel special. It makes a huge difference for him. It’s not a meltdown every single day for him to go to school. He doesn’t like having to go but it is so much different this year. He tolerates it much better these days.

He was also smiling today because he won a bag of Doritos during a competition in class. 😂.

This kid I tell you!! He seemed to have a great birthday. He deserves it.

I just want to say thank you to his teachers and aide for making him feel special.

It’s the little things in life like those cupcakes that can make a person’s day or even year.

Life will continue to move forward, tomorrow will be here sooner than later. Make your tomorrow epic.

We will do as we always do…

Onward and upward

Certain things in life.

They say only things in life that is certain is death and taxes .. well yea to some extent…

Not when you live with Zeq. It is and will be forever certain that foods will change like the wind blows.

Well today was that day, nothing out of the blue nothing we are not used too.

Today was the death of donuts, they have had a good run this time. Since first of school. Then just like that they taste funny, they are bad, they are yuck…

Well ok, cue cinnamon toast crunch to make it’s epic return. We were prepared. But only by luck. Most times we are less fortunate, like he said this morning he doesn’t know if he likes it. I assured him he did and he ate it.

Was it Zeq, no but not sure who it was. But few weeks ago I linked different foods with different personalities. We haven’t ate cinnamon toast crunch in close to a year so it may be someone who I haven’t seen lately. Maybe Johnny since he hasn’t been around lately.

We shall see. It could change tomorrow, it could stay a year. We will never know when or how it will change. But it is for certain to change.

Whether we are on to something with each personality and their choices of food or that it may just be forever that we have no clue why or when they will change.

Either way it doesn’t change anything, fact remains the same. It will come, and it will go. Just go with the flow and stock up on some cinnamon toast crunch.

Just because donuts are gone today doesn’t mean we have a defeated day. It means we readjust and keep on keeping. Like they say just because a crayon is broken doesn’t mean it doesnt color anymore.

We will do as we always do.

Onward and upward

2 A’s in 1 day

Yep just what it says..

Zeq walked out of school today pretty excited and holding some white papers.

Thinking probably just his behavior chart. Nope it was two tests that he had taken.

One was in Earth science and the other was in history. He was like mom here look. They are my tests I said ok, before getting to look he said mom I got 2 As. That’s good huh?!?! I said that’s really good.

He goes on to tell me even before looking still he missed one question but perhaps it is still good right?!? His words not mine. But I told him how good it was.

You know through his schooling, it’s been a battle, and I mean an absolute battle. From IEPs to aides, to tests, and lunches you name it we have battled.

He has worked really hard to get those As in the past and they have always eluded him. Not today he finally got not one, but two of them. Goes to show the difference high school has made. He has smaller class sizes, an aide, to staff who actually care. He has had good behavior charts, he actively is starting to participate openly in his classes, he gets really excited when he wins a game, or gets to go to the school store.

We have really waited forever for this kind of year.

So needless to say I am super proud of these two A’s not because they are As, but because he was so excited about them.

School will come and go and eventually. It’s the little things in life as these two A’s that make a difference. Will he remember these two tests, absolutely not. But I will remember everyday for the rest of my life how excited he was today about a test.

Will have some exciting things in near future for this site, well exciting for us maybe not for everyone.

Everyday you have the ability to change the world, but the ability to change the world isn’t everyday.

As always

Onward and upward

P.s. the picture of him he looks really grown

In less than 2 weeks

In less than 2 weeks Zequals turns 15. Where has time gone?!?!

I have no idea, to tell you the truth. It has came and went so quickly. We have had our fair share of ups, downs and all arounds.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.. ok I mean who are we kidding we would change some.

In the past year we have started high school and it has been an easier transition than we thought. So that has been helpful. We have gotten more “stuff” or as he calls it his collectables. We have seen new personalities, we have had a few frequent less often.

We have had a million and one doctor appointments and we will have a million more.

He is asking for a laptop for his birthday why?!?! No idea he says he is going to keep it inside the box until his other 15 stop working. It made me laugh when he said that. That’s who he is. It’s for just incase.

But hey that’s what he wants.

Next few weeks and months, we will start prepping our packages of crafts because it is getting very close for the darn elves to come. So stay tuned.

Exciting things to come

Live your life like Zeq does, just incase.. buy that coffee just incase, go window just incase. At the end of the day you never know what you may find just incase.

As we always say

Onward and upward