Well not so much an epiphany, maybe food for thought… Somewhat literally.

During a meeting this past week we were talking about Zeq, and his foods as well as his personalities.

Yes just because I haven’t wrote about them lately doesn’t mean that they have decided to leave or even frequent less. Because they are here, often. New ones who have yet to be forthcoming with what they would like to be called.

I described one of the new personalities as a sophisticated coffee drinker.. no name he came and stayed a few months and just like that he went away. He shows up on occasion but doesn’t stay long.

Which brings me to this post, and my epiphany…

So while talking about Zeqs foods throughout the years it has always been described as odd, special case, random.

But maybe it isn’t as random as we all think. What if there are more personalities than we think? What if it is always Zeq to a point?!(He almost always loves tea and spaghetti…99% of the time anyways) but what if personalities are here more often than even I know….

Hear me out… So last year around this time we had a new personality come he was the college guy, he came and the hot chocolate started… Then few months went by and hot chocolate went away… Well now it is back, and at school he was talking around the time of the iep about different college things.. and he decided he wanted to be manufacturer… Does Zeq know what that means?!?! Nope we have talked about it and he looked at me with deer in headlights look.

Next.. Zeq no longer eats candy… Of any sort… At all… Our infamous toddler Johnny has only been here a few time a month at best. He is the one who eats the most candy.

Jeffrey our super laid back hippie/stoner loves all things stoner food wise… Doritos, Cheetos, you name it. Well at random times this past week, its been dude this and dude that along with the sudden urge to eat bags and bags of blue Doritos.. so I buy a new bag and tell Zeq I got them he said ok mom I don’t eat eat Doritos. Oh ok I thought you did.

Maybe I am on to something, maybe there is a semi seasonal pattern to some of the personalities. Probably not but we shall see. I am going to track the different personalities to the sudden changes in his food. Will it do anything I doubt it. But it could be a fun theory to check. So that what I shall do.

Tomorrow will be here soon, and it happens to be Zeq favorite it day. Make the best out of everyday. Not because I say so, but because you want to.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward

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