More stuff

So remember last year when Zeq was in his last year of middle school, all comfortable with everyone….. and every teacher gave him stuff.. computers, laptops, projectors, lunchables I mean everything really except for the kitchen sink?!?!?!

So going into this year it was kinda a breath of fresh air.. you know high school new school, new teachers, no stuff?!?!

Well… Nope.. so other day he comes out excited. Get home and he shows me.

His words… A fancy laptop bag .. (it is nice.) As well as in a “hidden” pocket theres a charger… Not just any charger one that has interchangeable tips. It only came with one. But we have been looking online for the rest of them because there are over 50. But the teachers are looking for them as well. 🥺

We are gonna need a bigger house for all his treasures. If it makes his days easier than so be it.

He also bought another mug from the store at school. He took it to his sweetie pies so he can have his very own mug there for his hot chocolate. Which we still have at exactly 9 pm. No more brownies we are onto sugar cookies. For this week anyways. Next week it make chance. He needs 3 more mugs which he is saving for. 1 for Angela, 1 for sweetie pie, and 1 for pap pap. He wants to buy them all at once. So he doesn’t have to pick who the mugs go to he can just have them for everyone on the same day.

Life is what you make of it. What did you make of yours today?.. we made the best of what we had, and tomorrow we will do the same.

We will do as we always do

Onward and upward

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