Heart of gold

A common trend when people talk about people with disabilities is to talk about the things they can’t do.

Can’t tie shoes, focus, spell, read etc etc..

What people don’t understand is they can do alot of things. They are some of the smartest people you will ever meet. They are some of the most passionate people you will ever know.

This brings me to my blog post. So Friday at school in his math class they had a competition. I’m not sure exactly what it was or how to do it. He told me twice but each time talked really fast. All I know is it involved math, chocolate chips, and a score of 235 points…those were Zeqs points. He had won!. He won $10 of school money, to spend at the school store.

Walking in from school he had two bags and a huge smile on his face. He hands me a bag and I unwrap it is a coffee mug, it was 2.00 at the store the other bag had the exact same mug and it was 2.00. Excitedly he tells me one is mine and one is his. He was upset because he wanted to buy 4 but only had 2(he needs one for his sweetie pie, and for Angela) he said there is always next time. He also proceeds to tell me the rest of the store money went to pens, pencils and notebooks. He has pleased with his purchases.

Later in the afternoon he wants to have hot chocolate in his new cup, I say ok and make it for him. He ask if I will use mine, I said I would in the morning. He said good cause he wanted to use his at the same time with me. It made me smile big.

No one ever wants to see that side of a disability, they only want to focus on the parts that are broken. These people will one day change the world. They just need someone to help them do it.

The little things in life. You know Zeq wasn’t excited that he won the assignment, he was excited with what he was able to get for other people.

I will say my coffee tasted just a little better in my new coffee cup.

Everyday is a new day, make tomorrow the best possible. Take time and enjoy one little thing because tomorrow will be gone and you may miss your chance.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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