College aspirations

I know thinking about college already… Yea he is in high school and about to turn 15. 15 wow.. seems like forever ago really.

College is not going to be an option for Zeq, he hates every aspect of school. Possible maybe a trade school that does a couple classes a week maybe.. but that may be pushing it a bit.

What this blog is really about is I have been thinking for awhile maybe start a scholarship fund in Zeqs name. To be given out when he graduates in 4 years. Just because college isn’t Zeqs thing doesn’t mean it isn’t for someone else who is like Zeq.

Someone who doesn’t get perfect grades, who didn’t start on the varsity team, someone who suffers to fit in, someone who wasn’t in debate, or head of a club. Someone who may have multiple personalities, or eminent explosive disorder. Someone like Zeq.

I am still looking into how to start it, seems fairly simple.

This blog has always had one focus, to educate, to teach someone even if just one person. To tell Zeqs story. What better way to spread the word of awareness than to have a scholarship in his name. For someone who loves to learn but may just need a little help to get there.

We will see where it goes, and will keep you updated.

Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will go just like everyday that has past. The thing is taking advantage of the days as you have them. Enjoy the warm weather, the cool evenings, the littlest of things like that cup of hot chocolate.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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