Broadcast, brownies, hot chocolate

If one thing in life is certain(in our house anyways) is routine. Tried and true routine.

Want to know one of my most ask questions day in and day out?!?!

Mom if I start a broadcast will you watch? Yep I will. There is an app called mixer.. it is where gamers broadcast themselves playing a game. He does it everyday and if you want to watch him let me know I’ll give you his user name. Not many watch him. I do everyday, and if I happen to log off and to do something within seconds I hear why did you stop watching, you will watch again soon right. It is a nice way since I am bound downstairs now.

Another thing that has became routine… Hot chocolate… Every night he comes down and says I want hot chocolate tonight… Just the same as the last time it came to be.. but difference this time we have added brownies with powdered sugar(thanks sweetiepie 😬)

He reminds me every night at same time that’s what he wants.. I’m sure it will change sooner than later, then he will have to remind me of something different.

But that’s the reality of life consistency is key. That’s zeqs truth. He will always ask if I wanna watch his broadcast and he will remind me 20 times that he wants hot chocolate and guess what that is ok.

We take life for granted sometimes, we get too busy, life is to hard to enjoy the simplicity of things like hot chocolate. Maybe we all should have a cup tonight.

Tomorrow will come and go, just the same as hot chocolate and brownies will eventually leave. So make the most of your day.

Until tomorrow as always

Onward and upward