Oddities of food

Zeq has never been consistent with foods..ever really.

So to say this summer we have had some oddities is to say the least. The first and most significant I would say was for around a month he stopped drinking tea?!?! Yes completely didn’t even ask for it nothing. What did he drink in this time you ask… Coffee… Nothing but coffee!! With original coffeemate creamer. Day in and day out pots upon pots of coffee. This last around a month or so. Then one morning I had made a pot of coffee as I had for a month straight and he looked at me as if I had lost my mind and proceeded to get a cup of tea.

Throughout the summer things came and went per the usual at our house. He started eating brown cinnamon sugar poptarts, curly fries, pepperoni cheese sandwiches. He stopped eating strawberry poptarts, chicken nuggets, ad he now he doesn’t think he likes the restaurant Golden Coral.

Today he drinks tea, eats donut holes for breakfast, pepperoni cheese sandwiches for lunch, dinner is spaghetti and he recently took up drinking hot chocolate every night again.

Tomorrow it could change again, or maybe next week. Who knows. We take it as it comes. Like we always do.

Tomorrow is another day and will be here before we know it.

We will do as we always do..

Until then

Onward and upward

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