Zoo trip

One of our adventures this past summer was a zoo trip. Not the big gigantic zoo in Pittsburgh, but one local. Hovatters.

We told Zeq the night before we were going to go to the Zoo, he was super excited to say the least. The next morning went for breakfast at IHOP… Yep he got a plate of bacon, a plate of onion rings, and 1 pancake covered in whipped cream and chocolate chips. Interesting combo non the less.. but he eats every bite of it. Breakfast gone off to the zoo. We go in and ofcourse we want to feed as many animals as possible. Buy our food and on our way.

Zeq seemed to be very excited. Every animal we came to he ask what food they ate and would put a few pieces down for them. Except… The birds so they gave us sticks with seeds on them… So go in and hold the stick out and birds come down. Zeq wanted to do this… You sure buddy?!?!! Yep and we went in.. as fast as we went in, he wanted out and out now. It was real bad. But we got out in one piece and went on to the giraffe. He held his carrot up and the giraffe got it so he was good again. Onto the favorite part of all their day…. The gift shoppe…

Each were allowed to pick one item. Zeq ofcourse very carefully picked his favorite animal of the day… Can you guess…. The giraffe?!?! Nope I thought so too.. but it was a wolfe… Wolfe it is. He was very pleased with his choice. Wolfey is his name and he has joined the other stuffed animals in his room.

All in all a good day. Not to hot… Not to cold. Ate breakfast so no one got hungry. Not a huge zoo so no one got overly tired.

With very thought-out preparation we can do what anyone else can do. We may have a meltdown between here and there, we may have 50 of them. But we get it done our way. We can’t just live our life in safety of our home, we have to go out into the world to get a wolfe stuffed animal once in a while.

We may not do things like everyone else.. but we do them our way. We laugh we smile heck we cry.

But tomorrow we may do all three we may not.. we shall see…

As always

Onward and upward

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