Hi everyone!!!!!

This will be a lengthy post. So grab a drink and snack and settle in for a few moments.

So I want to apologize to all readers for the short hiatus. Is it because nothing fun to talk about with Zeq… Hahaha no there have been plenty of stories that you will get to read.

We have have all the personalities come and go as well as a couple of new ones. We have had meltdowns at the tornado degree. We have had crying over things that no one even knows about. We have laughter. You name it we have had it.

Today is bittersweet for a lot of reasons. Today Zeq nor Rylee went to school on their unofficial last day of school(last day is Tuesday but who wants to have holiday weekend and then have to go for one day) But they did not go to school because yesterday their school had their reward day and a lot of fights broke out. While they broke out social media went crazy, about the fights and about a boy who threatened to come to school with a gun and start shooting. So they did not go. We won’t risk it, they were uneasy about it.

But today looking at Zeq, he is going to high school next year!!! Where has time went?!?!? I remember first day of pre school…. Now onto high school. Doesn’t seem possible but it is here.

Speaking of high school, he got to visit it earlier this week….. Well let’s say… He hates it. There is apparently steps(8 floors in his words…. There is not that many) he managed at his visit to fall up the bleachers on his face… Broke his chip bag.. And get lost several times. Thank you to the senior that was there to help him find his way. You were the only positive that Zeq had that day.

This is bittersweet for Zeq because he will miss all the teachers that went out of their way to help him in middle school. This year he has gotten to bring a lot of electronics home. A lot!!!!! But that alone made this year memorable for him. I will forever be grateful for some of the teachers.

With that said… We have probably 10 computer tower, 10 monitors, 2 projectors, 20 laptops, 2 giant keyboards,boxes and boxes of cords, and lord knows how many keyboards and mouse. There is probably way more than just that too.

Next year I’m sure will be rough on all of us. But we will do what we do.

Everyone thinks oh it’s summertime so will be easier. Well you don’t live our life hahaha. Summertime means the struggle to take a bath… Because he is not going anywhere so why does he need to be clean?!?!?!? Well he has a point. But still needs a bath. Summertime means difference in routine… True no bed times. But just the change will take a few to get reacclamated to. But closer to school there are a few surprises to get them all back into a routine in the form of our elves and all their goodies.

Our foods have changed. It is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and lays stacks for snack. We had a meltdown over cereal last week, mind you he hasn’t ate cereal for a very long time.

In the next few weeks you will get to read all the fun, not so fun stories that have transpired over the last month and a half.

Now you all are wondering why the hiatus….. Well a lot has went on here for last month and a half. I had to go onto a leave at work on April 1st(no not an April fools joke) because of pain in my back.. Well come to find out it is bad pain. Did therapies like they asked(not fun) had an injection (even less fun) and now I find myself filling out to have spine surgery. So it has been a hard road. Zeq knows some about it. He ask everyday. His personalities know somewhat. So meltdowns have been interesting when it comes to that. I cover the area and hope for the best. So it has been an eventful time since I last blogged.

But Zeq defies disability everyday of his life… So you know what I can too…and if I can everyone can!!!!

Disabilities do not define a person!! You as a person can change the world even if in a small way. That what I am trying to do, and that is what Zeq does everyday!!!

I am trying to help people. I’m trying to teach people that because a person looks “normal” doesn’t always mean that nothing is going on. I’m trying to teach people that not all disabilities are the same . I want school to have field trips that can include everyone. I want people to not judge a child who is screaming in a store. I want people to know these people like Zeq just want to live their best life. But there are people out there who just want people like him to be put in a home. I wasn’t to help that mother, or parents who have no one to turn to, because they are scared of a new diagnosis and feel alone. I want to be Zeqs voice so people can know him, and understand him. I want to change the world one blog at a time.

With that being said I can not do it alone, I need your help sharing it. I have custom defying disability water bottles . The person who shares this blog 10 times will get one. You don’t have to share this one you can share your favorite one you have read. You can share the site with your own story, or you own positive words. Let me know when you share, no matter how far away I will ship it to you. Together we can make difference even if it is a small one.

Today I am thankful for this life I was given. I am thankful I was chosen to be Zeq mom. I smiled at it being the last day of school. I am grateful for all of you who read our story.

Our story is just beginning.. We wrote our page in our story.

As we always say

Onward and Upward!!!!!

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