Monitors for days…

Yep… after school Zeq comes strolling out the doors with yet another monitor. All are working monitors as well.

He is excited to say the least. It’s nice to see the way he gets excited about these computer parts, as simple and little as it may seem. We may not be as excited to see the 6th monitor and 14th keyboard come home. But we manage.

A few Johnny episodes this afternoon, with his but, but, but, but….. didnt last long.

A new situation has arose. He wants chicken nuggets with everything! Absolutely everything. Mom can I have hotdog….with chicken nuggets. What about pork chops with…. chicken nuggets. Like where did this come from?!?! Also who eats chicken nuggets as a side dish…. Zeq does.

The elves brought felt bunnies a d we decorated the with stickers. Zeqs bunny had every flower pot sticker on it. Tons of stickers every inch had a sticker on it. We had lollipops as well. Zeq really enjoyed them. He made a plan that we seperate the rest and divide them between them and take his to his room. We assured him there would plenty whenever he wanted another one. He was fixated on this for a good 20 mins. After he went up stairs he never said another word about it.

Life is about the little things. Especially to Zeq. Little things tend to turn into huge things. Not a lot of people take the time to enjoy the little things. But Zeq he does..

Tomorrow is right around the corner. I was thankful to see his smiling face carrying his monitor. I smiled for the same reason. We wrote our story as we always do, and will continue doing so. So until then

As always

Onward and upward

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