He warned me…

Well all I have to say is.. he warned me. That he did.

So last week Zeq told us he would be bringing home some new monitors… and a few keyboards.. i use the word few very lightly. He also told us he would need a big box. Well never thought anything about it. He never said much more about it. Today was like any other day. Went to school. No random text saying meet me at the steps please. Nothing not a word.

So waiting at school like any other normal day. Bell rings waiting like a regular day. Then I see him. “Trying” to carry this ginormous box half the size of him. Rylee runs and helps him get it to the car. It takes half the backseat mind you. But wait there more.. he says mom thats not all.. here look and he unzips his backpack. Yep he was right, there was more.. his backpack was filled with keyboards.. not a few but many! He said mom I just couldn’t leave them there by themselves. Well buddy I guess your right.

So then we start driving home. Meanwhile he is telling me all about his treasures. He was so excited. He also found a 5 dollar bill at school today. He went to give it to his teachers. His teacher took it.. then at the end of the day when it wasn’t claimed his teacher gave it to him to keep. He was supper excited. He put it ofcourse to his computer fund.

Goes to show how little of things can change someone’s day.

Tonight our elves brought puzzles whi ch Zeq loves to do. As well as the threat of reese eggs.

Johnny came a few times not staying long at all. Shadowy figure came and did as he normally does. Sends his troops on their way, directing them the whole way.

Just because our life isnt normal, or easy doesnt mean we can’t have a good time doing the littlest of things. Just because Zeq is disabled doesnt mean his life stops. Doesnt mean he is confined to a room with no possibility. It only means we do cool things, talk about randomness at any given point, mean maybe we cant make plans like all others but in no way shape or form does it mean we have to live a disabled life.

Life is meant to be lived, and guess what that’s what we are doing.. we are doing it our way though.

Tomorrow will be here soon, make everyday something to remember. Make memories and have adventures.

Today I smiled at his treasures, and thankful for the all the same. We will continue to write our story even if no one ever reads it. Because we can, and one day someone will smile because of it. One day it will help someone.

As always

Onward and upward

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