Ever wonder why?

Have you ever just sat and wondered why things are this way or that way?!?!

Sure as soon as something goes wrong we are first to look up and say why me.. but most days when things are going good no one ever wonders why, or even thinks of others. Not saying it is a bad thing or anything. Just that some don’t even think about it unless something goes wrong.

I guess I am different because I do sometimes think man this person or that person seem to be having a rough time, or that, that person has a story to tell.

Ofcourse I have thought, even talked out loud why Zeq.. why us… because before in his younger years I didnt have the knowledge, guidance, or sadly the patience. I wanted to know why. I needed that answer. Was I a horrible person in my last life that they are punishing him.

It wasnt until I stopped being angry at the world when he was different that I started asking why not.

Why not him. He is the strongest person I know. He is smart beyond words. May not be common core smart, but smarter than you and I will ever be. Because guess what he has done not because he wanted to, but because he was born too?!?! He was born with the ability to see the good in everything. When he sees something special he doesnt just say oh well that’s nice, he tells you excitedly how beautiful it is. He was born with the ability to make peoples heart grow 100x times. He was giving the ability to test every button of patience one has, and then only then make them laugh. He was given the strength to support multiple personalities in his little body.

So why not him!!! Disabilities aren’t a death sentence. He knows no different! He knows no hate.

So I could sit around and say why him, why us.. but I dont wonder that anymore. All I know is why not.

One day he will teach us how to be humble. That if he can do it every single day that we should be able to as well. One day he is going to show us all how to be appreciative for things we have rather than what we don’t have. Because we are too quick to say damn that was a bad day because we broke a nail, or lost 5 bucks, but after 20 personalities run their course through him he can still have a good evening doing a simple project. He will do great things I have no doubt of that. Not because he is my son do I think that, but because he has already gone through more than you or I ever will in our lifetime.

So we can say why me, why us.. looking for a clear cut answer. But instead maybe we should just be saying why not..

Tonight our elves brought us some wooden ornaments. Zeq was indecisive between two but finally went with a boat wheel. He was happy with his choice. John and Johnny have came and gone today. Nothing out of our norm.

Tomorrow is a new day. New adventures. New day to live. So why not write your story. Tell it your way.. dont let someone else tell it for you.

I was thankful for chicken nuggets today, because apparently he eats them again. I smiled at him!! Because he is who he is.. theres no changing that. As always we lived our day, we wrote our story and will continue to do so..

As always

Onward and upward

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