When in doubt don’t throw it out.

This should be Zeq’s live moto.. because this child doesn’t throw anything away. When I say anything, I really mean anything. He saves everything because it can be used for something else. I mean he does have a point, in some sense. But when it comes to empty boxes, yea they can be recycled or thrown away. Strings again I have no problem throwing them away. But not him, no way he will save it until the end of time if he could.

But he can only save it as long as I allow it. Everything I throw something away, he knows it. I tell him my logic around it sometimes it is a good enough explaination and sometimes it is not. Either way if I would allow it his room would be filled to the brim with all of this. One mans trash is Zeq treasure. I think of this everytime I step foot into his room. It makes me laugh everytime. But I know in my heart it is true. That is why when he is out of the room for a little bit I try and make my round.

Today was another quiet day for him. John showed up with his grumbly self. Off and on you could hear him complain. Johnny came a few times as well, hyper and high pitch. He only stays for a few minutes most days. Mainly comes searching for the mommy kitty. Zeq again had a headache this morning gave him medicine and was fine after. Saturdays are his and all the personalities favorite day, there is no need for pants, shirt or shoes, and usually can skip bath. So best day of week for all.

Tonight our elves brought felt bunnies, chocolates, and chocolate marshmallows. Zeq didn’t want either, and he is still “saving” his blow pop. I use the term saving lightly, because the truth is he is never going to eat it. It will be one of those weekly things that is thrown away.

Tomorrow will be here before you know it. It is what you did within today that will set you apart from all the others. You can choose to do nothing and miss out on everything you could be seeing, all the adventures that are just waiting to be had. You could miss out on all these treasures that Zeq is finding. Today may be over but tomorrow is waiting to begin. How will you begin tomorrow. There are stories to be told and life to live.

Today I smiled at him still saving his blow pop. I was thankful it was Saturday and as we do everyday, we wrote our story and we will continue to do so.

As we always say

Onward and upward

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