No more bottles!

So for the last.. well I would say 6 years, Zequal has used these plastic bottles that have different pictures on them. Some have emjois some have words. We probably own close to 25 of them, maybe more. We have gotten new ones, thrown some away, left some at peoples houses, melted some in the dishwasher. You know the normal. Well yesterday he or whoever was here decided he can no longer use these bottles. Apparently the lids smell like soap(over the last day I have smelled these lids thinking I did not rinse enough) To no avail… they are fine.

But not to Zeq, he refuses to use them. So today we got some cups with lids, mind you still plastic. Just regular plain jane cups. Nothing special, nothing cool, not even cool picture on them. When he got home from school I showed him them. He was very excited. Got some tea and all was well in his world once again. I have ask him various times throughout the evening if the cup was doing ok and he said they are. That is all that matters.

He has been more quiet again this evening, as he was last night. But he is himself mainly. Occasionally Johnny surfaces, and this unknown person. But he has not stayed very long with each visit. But he is pretty withdrawn none the less. Hoping for more of himself tomorrow.

For the past 3 days he has had a headache, I am not sure if it is due to weather, or maybe the personalities that are coming are causing them. It is not Henry because he has not ask for liquid medicine, that is a plus also.

Our easter elves brought some pom pom bunnies and chicks. Our treat was blow pops(only 1 grape in the bag, thank goodness for it is the only one Zeq will eat) and pixie sticks(everyone tried them)

Another big deal is this blog now has its very own domain. It may not seem like much to anyone but it is a pretty big deal to me. I appreciate each and everyone that chooses to view my blogs, and let my family into their lives.

Tomorrow will be here shortly, its not what you didn’t do in a days time that defines you, it is what you did do that makes you who you are. Today I am thankful for Zeq being himself more than yesterday. I am grateful to sit here and write these blogs, and actually have some people who read them. I smiled when he got so excited that there was a grape blow pop(which he is “saving”) As always we will continue to write our story, whether a million people read it, or just one person reads it and it helps them. Either way it is a win for us.

As always

Onward and upward

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