When things go oddly quiet…

Well Zeq has been very very very…quiet. he has been withdrawn from a lot. When he talks it is matter of fact. So we know it’s not him. But who is it? I’m not sure. At first thought John but he is not grumpy or OCD.

He is more of.. can I have 2 hot dogs and 8 chicken nuggets. He is while doing project(color own stickers) very disturbed by fact that he messed up coloring, wishing he would have left the firetruck blank. Or how the black looks green, shorts smell weird kinda person. Not sure who exactly we are dealing with.

But it is not Zeq, I havent heard anything about computers today. Or even about a game or anything. I was told he doesnt eat reese cups. As well as he doesnt want to drink tea our of the normal bottles we have. He needs an open cup. Not playing his game, but instead just listening to YouTube.

Hes not talking to anyone, unless he is spoken too first. This personality has been here all day. Longest ever. Zeq peaks through every once in awhile

Odd strange evening to say the least.

Tomorrow will be here soon, and we will see what it brings.

I was thankful today, for today another day to tell our story. I smiled at Zeq asking for dinner so precisely. We wrote our story as always.

Until tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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