Blood work/pancakes/IEPs/projects

So as the title says that has been our days here of late.

First off.. blood work.. can you just say uggh?!?!!?! Funny story about this so rylee had a doctors appointment earlier this week and had to have labs drawn. While talking about Zeq said I hope I don’t have to do that soon. Me… you shouldn’t (biggest mistake ever) the next day I am called he has to give blood. Ugh ugh and ugh. Oh and best part is he has to fast. So decide to do this monday talk to him about it.. we agree we will do this, he can have the day off from school and we can get breakfast after. Deal!

Monday comes we go. So far so good. I sit down, he sits on lap, I cover his eyes. Still ok. Needle goes in.. full blown panic attack, hyperventilating. Needle is already out. Still hyperventilating, sweating, crying. Uggh get a drink and calmed down. He never ever wants to do that again.

Whew over. We proceed to Ihop. He cant decide what he wants. Finally does. His breakfast…. one regular pancake with whipped cream and chocolate chips, 2 pieces of bacon, plate of onion rings, and a sweet tea?!?!?! Who eats this… oh well made him happy. Blood work done out of the way. The reason it was a rush to get done, they wouldnt release his anti physcotic medicine until it was done.

Onto IEPs. My most favorite thing in the world. Go in.. first and foremost remember last years field trip that he was left out of?! Well yet again. This year is Washington DC an over night trip. Guess what.. yep you guessed it again excluded(well we were offered to follow behind and pay for everything) so how story goes. When first heard of trip I went in that day and ask. They were unsure how would need to be done. Told not to pay because he would have to stay in room with me no problem. What would the balance be for rest of trip.. unsure will get back to you… nope never did. So Zeq was told one day at school you did not pay, you can not go. Ok… why?! Why tell him? Did anyone send note home? No.. did anyone try and contact me? Again no. This was all addressed at IEP. If nothing else comes from it maybe just maybe they will plan all trips so that everyone can go without a problem.

Rest of iep was about transistioning into high school?!?! Yep high school. We decided as a team that all classes will be in special education. Class size will he 12. His elective class will be constant supervision, as well as his lunches. A lot of modifications that should help going forward. We hope anyways.

Our Easter elves have brought color dinosaurs, pom pom bunnies, and felt egg pillows . As well as the night treats. These are always a good way to wind down our evening. Everyone enjoys them and the routine helps Zeq. We have had many personalities over past few days. I can only assume it is because of blood work, missing a anti physcotic, and just life in general. He didnt sleep for a whole entire night, then the next night went to sleep oddly early without being told.

We never live a dull life for sure. Life isnt always pleasant and it’s not always fun, but it is ours and we will do our best everyday. I am thankful to be able and do the projects with him, and be able to be in his mind his hero and let him sit on my lap for blood. I have smiled over his choice of breakfast, and no matter what we write our story.

Life is to short not too. Obstacles come, and we deal with what life hands us, and we continue on. Because tomorrow will be here before we know it.

As always

Onward and upward

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