Big personalities, small boy

No blog last night. We had weekend filled with birthday activities.

Past few days he has been up and down. One minute fine the next not so much. This small boy has so many personalities in his being. I feel bad for him. I look for ways to help him. The reality our reality is I can’t do anything more than I already am. I can educate myself, I can support him, and I can teach others who are living the same life and have no guidance. But there is nothing I can do to take it away for him.

So we embrace it. Good, bad and ugly. All the personalities have came in the last two days. Some staying few minutes to an hour. He has been sad, angry, happy, excited. You name it. But we manage the best we can. He got to see sweetie pie today so he was super excited. To tell her and pap pap all about monitors and computers.

He is mad because there is an early dismissal tomorrow so he doesnt understand why he has to go to school. Then on top of that he doesnt know why he cant stay at sweetie pies, and then.. he has blood work this week so I am sure it will be an interesting week. Also… we have an iep meeting this week which I am sure and know it will be eventful.

But on other note. Last two days our elves brought pop balloons, color pages, and canvas. The return on snack treats has came.

Tomorrow is a new day hopefully a little less eventful for him. I am thankful he got to see his sweetie pie, I smiled at the millionth time of hearing about these computers. As always we continue to write our story in hopes of helping one person.

As we always say

Onward and upward

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