Bridges, letgo, word searches.

Today after school Zeq talked about a mile a mintue about getting new monitors next week. He may need a box because there is going to be lots of stuff. He wants to set up a letgo account so he can start selling some stuff. He is determined for sure.

He also has been helping a class build bridges for the bike trails, he is excited for us to see. He needed gloves, so got him some you would have thought he won the lotto. We were going to look at the bridges today but it was raining. So we assured him we would monday after school. He was pleased with that.

This evening he has been more quiet than he was after school. Johnny, John and Jeffrey all showed up. Not staying long. In the car Jeffrey was there and when I ask Zeq something he replied doesnt Zeq have one of those. So knowing all well it wasnt Zeq. They came and went like any other day.

Tonight the elves brought word searches. Zeq likes to do those. He also ask if we could have a Easter snack during projects. Well sure we can. That will probably start tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be here sooner than later. What you make of it is all that matters.

Today I smiled at him being so determined. I was thankful as well for his determination. As we always do we wrote our story.

As always

Onward and upward

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