Back fast forward…

Do you know what back fast forward is?!?! I didnt until today. So after getting Zeq today from school he began telling me about maybe possibly getting another monitor from school. Well in turn telling me they had a power button, up, down, fast forward, and then a back fast forward.. ummm.. took me a minute. But it was a button to make it go into reverse. But forever more now I will call it back fast forward because it is way cooler than reverse. So now the world will know it is back fast forward.

No talk of starvation today which is a huge plus. He has talked a mile a minute this afternoon. Mainly about these monitors. He will tell me about them then a few minutes later tell me the same story as if he hadn’t just told me. So I have heard the same story around 100 times today. Which is ok with me. He also talked about selling some things on letgo so he can make money for a new computer. So we will soon set up a letgo.

Johnny and John came for their normal visits most times not long and didnt bother anyone. Did their thing and then gone again.

Tonight the elves brought coloring pages and foam chicks. He saved his chicks for decorating his bedroom. He colored his page, and we had stampers which were a huge hit for him. He is counting down day til the break in school.

I laughed today at back fast forward, I was thankful he wasnt starving today. As always we continue to write our story. Tomorrow is a new day with all new adventures to come. So we will see what they bring.

As always

Onward and upward

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