Tonight the project was games.. matching and memory.. let me tell you Zeq hates games in general… but he loves memory. Could play game after game of it. Win or lose he doesnt care. We played a few rounds.

Today after school he was excited to tell us he saw a musket and throwing axe at school. He said he took pictures but he hasnt shown us yet. After the excitement wore off.. john came for the rest of the ride home. He was hungry (he was picked up early and as lunch was ending) so he had just ate. I ask if he had finished his lunch.. he said yes. But said he was going to get seconds? Seconds of what? He takes his lunch… so I ask how does he get seconds. Well apparently the 8th graders get a chance at what is left over because they are the last lunch of the day. Mind you this is the kid who has ate 1 school lunch his entire life and it was in pre-K.

Then John proceeds to tell me I the best mom in the world(sarcastically) and that I am just going to starve him. Still in the car mind you. He tells me he wants a bag of doritos. He as well tells me he is dying from starvation….. (you had to be there to visually see) coughs a few times and lays his head down.

Ok I have had this same scenario in my life for 14 years…. so he does this lays his head down and is silent. I say.. did you die.. without opening his eyes says no. So goes back to telling me how great of a mom I am, and how when Rylee and Hayden are in 8th grade they will get seconds, but not him. So years from now it will not be fair to him.

So you know this was all the way home from school. Get home finally. Minutes were given the whole speel. Rylee drops her book and she says Zeq dont move for a second so I can get my book. She gets her book, all well right? Well you would think. But now…. he wont move!! At all. Begins screaming i cant move because Rylee told me not too. A.. when have you ever listened to you sister?.. and then B.. your not hungry anymore?? Or are you??

Finally out of the car, in the house whew… and then Zeq is finally back. Not a word about hunger, not a word about about starvation nothing. Puts down his stuff and asks if can have a drink. Then goes about his day.

Not a word ever again today about doritos or anything.

That’s our day.. in a nut shell every day. We could choose to lock ourselves away in the house. We could choose to cry. But I choose to shake my head and laugh. He didnt choose this way of living and he cant change it. He knows no different.

Today I laughed at John telling me he was dying of starvation and closing his eyes. I was thankful that he didnt hurt anything while being John. We wrote our story, no matter how ungraceful we are. Tomorrow will be here before you know it.

As always

Onward and upward

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