Beach ornaments

Tonight these crazy Easter elves brought wooden beach ornaments for us to decorate.

Zeq came home from school talking about what he gets to do tomorrow. Tomorrow the 8th graders dont have to have class because they are setting up an exhibit with fossils and other stuff. He is most excited about the fossils. He has randomly talked about it off and on this evening.

Johnny has came a few times this afternoon, while in the car he randomly began singing and rocking back and forth. He didnt stay long. John came this afternoon and decided Zeqs room needed cleaned now. He brought down the bottles and used his handy dandy vacuum. He was grumbly but nothing major.

Zeq had random conversations about rebuilding computer towers to sell. He is now saving up money to buy a computer bundle. It is 130. So he has decided he wants to sell some of the treasures he has found at school. The DVD player, vcr, some speakers, and two towers. Possibly a monitor. Hes not sure about that one yet though.

The randomness that goes through his brain everyday, makes me laugh, and most time shake my head.

Tomorrow we will learn all about fossils I’m sure.

But as for today I laughed at his decision to sell things(because as I type he is trying things out) i am thankful he or John decided to clean his room. As we always do we wrote our story and will continue to do so.

As always until tomorrow

Onward and upward

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