When in doubt.. color..

The Easter extravaganza that the elves brought continued tonight with coloring pages. On normal days Zeq is not found of anything to do remotely with writing or coloring. But he gets into these projects.

Little fact about us.. we absolutely love Easter. Everything about it. We every year fill outrageous amounts of plastic eggs. One day in hopes of having a the biggest and baddest egg hunt ever. Zeq does believe in the Easter bunny, and ofcourse looks forward to Easter break.

Today he was very angry at times over nothing visually to us. It was obvious it was John at times. Randomly anger. Then back to normal. Wether being about something about his game. Or just because the door wouldn’t open quick enough. It would come in spurts. Lasting few minutes to half an hour. This time of year just like Christmas becomes iffy. Wether it is the weather, school or the ever changing foods. Today he was convinced I was a horrible person because I wouldnt allow two danishes right before dinner. But then later got marker on his chest and he didn’t blink. Which in it’s own is odd. But hey never said life was easy, just interesting.

The other day while talking randomly to his team at a meeting. It was brought up with all of his personalities… have they ever met just Zeq. Ofcourse I have and everyone close to him has and can definitely tell the difference. But teachers, team, people who know him at stores.. have they. Occasionally they see him in passing of different personalities. Some randomly who see him only once in awhile, I can not promise you that you have. You may have met John when he seems mad or in meltdown. Maybe you met Johnny who is overly excited to buy a pack of paper clips. All are very noticable. You know who is my favorite?!?! Zeq just Zeq!! I will always be his biggest fan. He is my hero.

Today we were thankful for the time to sit down and do a project together. No somedays are rushed, sports, homework, drs. But if you dont make the time, you will never have the time. Life will pass you by completely. I smiled at him searching for his phone, only to forget he took it upstairs (or maybe John took it there) we wrote our story, we are sharing our story.

It is never to late to write yours, our story is not over and neither should yours be.

Tomorrow will be here, before you know it.

As always

Onward and upward

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