Happy spring!

Today didn’t bring on full conversations between personalities. But it did bring the elves back! They brought their totes of goodies and a letter. Zeq got to go first. His mouth was wide open when he saw them. He discovered them when he was doing his chore.. well rylee found first when she opened the door for him.

Today he has been pretty quiet for the most part. Johnny has came a few times, triggered by “mommy kitty” mainly. John has been a regular accurance today, very angry and lord only knows why. Sunday is the least favorite day of the week for Zeq. He cant stay up, he has school tomorrow. You know the normal for our house.

So the elves this evening gave a happy distraction from the mundane of sundays.

Today I was thankful for warmer weather, as well as the personalities not talking to each other. I smiled at Zeq getting to get the elves. As always just as yesterday we wrote our story.

Tomorrow will bring on all the mondayness…

Until then as always

Onward and upward