When personalities conversate…

So as all of you know life at our house is never dull. We have had personalities come and go for years now. I have personally had many conversations with all of them at some point in my day.

Well today was a new day. So Zeq has had many conversations with himself. Nothing out of the normal. But they have always been one sided. He would talk to himself and that was it. Well today he came down stairs asking about a game. Helped him find it and he went about his day. Few minutes later I hear him talking. Didnt think anything about it. I thought maybe he was talking to one of his gaming friends. Well he was not. You see this game was not working apparently. So he was stating how it was not scratched and should be working fine. Well then John’s voice came. Clear as day he was telling I assume Zeq “of course I tried that what do you think I am stupid?” Then Zeqs voice said something, but I was already walking upstairs to remind Zeq we dont use words like stupid. Well I enter his room, thinking all well I am going to find him playing his game, talking to his online buddy.

Well that’s not what I found. I open door, no game on, no headset on, nothing. I was greeted with a “what” well ok then. I say Zeq we don’t say words like stupid.. he just looks at me. So at this point knowing all well who’s there. I say John.. yep that got a reaction kind of a disbelief one but a reaction non the less. I again state we do not say the word stupid. He nodded his head and I left the room. Minutes later Zeq comes down stairs for tea I ask him about his game. He has no idea what I am talking about.

New experience to say the least. Like I said we have many times talked to and witnessed personalities. But this is a first to see them interact with him. So something new.

You know I write this blog. I do try to write about the fun stuff. The projects we do. So there are sometimes I do go days upon days when he is having bad days that I choose not to write. I do this thinking not everyone wants to know. But it defeats my purpose in getting his story out. It defeats the purpose of maybe one day being able to help someone, and teach something.

Today I learned something new for sure. Wasnt the coolest thing ever but something new either way.

Today I smiled at being able to learn something, I was thankful to get to witness it(may seem odd to some, but at least i was here for him and he wasnt in a facility) and ofcourse we wrote our story.

Big things coming tomorrow. Elves will once again bring the basket of goodies and shenanigans. Count down to Easter will begin.

Until then as always

Onward and upward

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