Vacuums, staplers, game caves…

Yep all of the above plus more.

Haven’t blogged in a few. It’s not that nothing extraordinary has happened.. or that it was so boring with nothing to talk about. But more of its never a dull moment here in this house.

We have had strikes. We have had snow days. We have had game caves built. We have had hand held vacuums bought. We have had personalities galore. We have had randomness brought home in the form of baggies of parts, staplers, highlighters, and sharpies. We have had OCD cleanings.

What we havent had…. well not much and definitely not a dull moment.

So as everyone already knows he saved his money and purchased his tv. Which he is over the moon about. We have recently rearranged his bedroom, hooked up all his TVs, systems, laptops, lamps, and all his other things.(picture attached)

As well he saved his chore money and monthly money and was able to purchase his handy dandy hand vaccum that recharges. It is red and he loves it. He uses it faithfully and very often.

Throughout the last week and half from school he has brought home baggies of computer parts. This weekend he wants to try and take apart one of his many towers that he has brought home so that is what we will do.

Today from school he came home with 2 staplers.. staplers you ask… yep staplers. His social skills teachers had two staplers that were jammed. So he went to throw them away and Zeq ask if he could have them. He said yes but warned him that they may not be able to be fixed. Zeq took the challenge and he got both of them unjammed. He was so happy and excited by this. He talked about them the whole way home.

It is the littlest things in this world that make someone’s days.

Our days have been filled with personalities that have came fast and lasted longer than the norm. The last few days have been filled with OCD cleanings. Off and on. It has been John tidying up. It comes out of the blue but is much needed to John. I don’t know why? But as soon as John does what he feels is needed it goes away. Zeq picks up his game and continues as nothing ever happened. We can only assume that it is from all the things happening around him. It doesnt help that the time has changed. I know an hour seems like nothing to most. But to someone like Zeq it is why is it so dark when going to school. What time is it over and over. Because it doesnt register to him.

Another happening in our home that is unbeknownst to him is that we have been working on our “spring surprise” from the elves. In the next few days it will arrive. It takes a lot of preparation in doing so. Have to count, bag, recount, make a list, number them, and then plan the arrival. So be on the lookout because it will be coming.

Even though the last few weeks have been sporadic and hectic we have gotten through our days the way we always do. The best that we can. We have been thankful for vacuums, staplers, and warmer weather. I laugh every hour when I hear the vaccum start up. As always we continue this adventure we call life.

But stayed tuned for projects, personalities, and much more of us. Our story will never be over.

As always

Onward and upward

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