Patience pays off

So it happened today…

Zeq was able to purchase his brand new 40 inch tv. He has been saving for awhile now. Every birthday money, every chore money. He has not wavered from his goal. He has ask me every single day if they are going on sale, if they are on sale.

Well today was the day it went on sale. It was 149. He has saved up to 137. He didnt have enough but we covered the rest for him. He told us he will be doing chores cause it is 13.00. Needless to say pretty happy camper.

So now the electronics treasure hunter has 2 TVs in his room. He doesnt want this one to hang on his wall he wants it to be on a stand.

It goes to show you what patience can do. Most kids get their 10 dollars run to the store then 2 minutes later gone. Not Zeq he has looked at things only to say after I buy my TV. So now he will begin to save for something else. Who knows what it will be. I’m sure something that will make me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Since the strike we are getting back into the swing of things like school. It may have only been 2 days but every day he ask is there school tomorrow. Yep buddy there is.

This afternoon driving home from school he said I knew it.. a tree fell.. looking around never once seen a tree fall. I said huh. He said right there before my eyes it fell. I knew it would. Mind you no tree had fallen.. then he says birch trees everywhere. White birch to be exact. At that moment I knew the college personality was there. All I could do is laugh. The few moments later Zeq was back telling me about gym class. This personality doesnt have a name yet. But it made me laugh.

The things that he and or the personalities say somedays.

In a few weeks there will be a surprise coming. We have decided that the elves will make an appearance on the first day of spring and a count down of crafts until Easter. They always come at Easter anyways so might as well bring some goodies along the way. Currently in process of collecting things and ideas for them to bring.

What did you do today, did you laugh and smile? Were you thankful.

I did I laughed at his tree falling. I am thankful he was able to get his tv. As always we wrote our page.

As always

Onward and upward

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